Weekly Tour May 18, 2012

The greatest benefit of coming on Kauai's Hindu Monastery public tour is after the tour the opportunity to meet and have the personal darshan of Bodhinatha. As all Hindus know catching the Guru is like trying to catch the wind.  Also anyone who follows Bodhinatha's personal travel schedule knows, He is many times 37,000 feet above the earth, literally! So for many reasons this opportunity is quite rare and many tour guests take full advantage of it.

Gurudeva started the pattern years ago. Gurudeva would sit under the Mango Mandapam and sign books for what was in those days a handful of guests. We couldn't fit under the Banyan Mandapam today!  Bodhinatha has continued in perfect continuity this sadhana pattern and takes time from his countless duties to sit patiently, meeting with guests - signing their books, blessing sacred items, and answering a question or two. 

Another benefit is that it gives our guests a chance to thank Bodhinatha personally for extending this invitation to the public on this special day to walk through the  inner gates of the monastery and enter the private sanctuary of the monks.  

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