Twitter Updates for 2012-05-03

    Deepti, the new mother cow, escaped her pasture & took a pilgrimage to Iraivan Temple. Ah, rare plants. Yum! #
    Cat on a hot tin steer skid today! That's Pandian, the Abyssinian. Check out that attitude. #

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Go Mataji Goes to Iraivan


Go Mata, (cow mother) Teji Deepti is a rambunctious young lady, fairly active grandmother. She found a break in the fence line of the pasture and went for a walk to Iraivan, enjoying sweet Ti plants and other marvelous things planted by the monks along the way

Food is foremost on her mind and a bucket of tasty alfalfa is all you need to prod her to follow you all the way back to her proper paddock.

[rambunctious |ram?b? ng k sh ?s|
adjective informal
uncontrollably exuberant; boisterous.]

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