Sunder Family Meets Bodhinatha


Long time supporter, Dr. Shun Sunder has come on a two-day pilgrimage with his wife Thilaka and two sons, Anthan (on the right) and Lakshman (on the left) with daughter-in-law, Sarmela with their little daughter, Sahana. Three generations….

The family meets with Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami

New Siddhidata Kulam Opens

After a year of work in what is known as "Kabuki Hall" just outside Bodhinatha's office, the Siddhidata Kulam has moved into their new administrative headquarters. For years they have been working inside and old office trailer and this is a huge upgrade of the team. Today, on this auspicious day, after decorating Bodhinatha lit the lamp and performed arati for the official opening. All the monks attended and were fed with vadai and coconut chutney

Silpi Bronze Memorial

Today is a magical day, the 63rd anniversary of Gurudeva's initiation by Yogaswami on the full moon day in May of 1949. We celebrate with this slideshow of the progress of the silpi memorial he decreed we make for Iraivan Temple.

Gurudeva instructed the monks to create a bronze memorial that shows the ancient skills that built this temple. He realized future pilgrims would not have the benefit of seeing the silpis at work, and this would give them a visualization, and since it would be in bronze, it would last as long as the temple itself.

At the center stands Gurudeva, who is sharing with the master architect his visions and instructions for building Iraivan.

Around them seven stone sculptors are working on the various stages, from quarrying to rough shaping, marking, fine sculpting and chisel sharpening.

Gurudeva's statue done, Holly moved on to Ganapati Sthapathi, the temple architect. Sadasivanathaswami and Arunuganathaswami flew to the Big Island Wednesday to visit her studio and approve the final was work before molds are made in preparation for the bronze casting in Colorado in the months ahead. See what they saw...

May 1st Public Tour

Spring showers one moment, blinding Kauai sun the next, gave our public tour guests a good dose of Kauai weather. They say if you don't like the weather on Kauai . . . wait ten minutes! Everyone was a good sport and we huddled under the available umbrellas until a few little prayers to Ganesha seemed to do the trick. The vibration at Kauai Addheenam seems to always bring out an outpouring of appreciation and gratitude to our monks from our guests. At the end of one hour and a half it seemed that everyone had become more aware of the one energy flowing through all of us, rather than any external differences we may have.

Correction! My Mom's Name is Deepti

Aloha. My name is Teji. I have pretty black markings. All of us cows are watching TAKA closely. You put a picture of my mom, Deepti, on TAKA Yesterday and said she was me.... Teji. But she's all white and her name is Deepti!

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