Iraivan Update: Some Big Stones in India!

In this slide show we bring your five unusual images from working in progress in Bangalare.
Chain in progress - There are 8 short chains carved of black stones for the Nandi Mandapam. Work has just started. It will take a couple of months to see the completed chain rings.

Iraivan Yesti - This is a model of the yesti that will welcome all devotees at the main steps of the Raja Gopuram. Since it is a very complex piece of work, we had to made a model so that the silpis can carve the same features.

Shed for Hanuman - Hanuman has been in the direct sun for the last 4 years . April to July are summer in India , we decided to make a shade for him. He is happy resting to be uplifted to Kauai soon.

Perimeter wall rough stones 1 - These are the new stones purchased from a quarry which is over 150 kilometers away from our worksite. Each block is over 7000 kilos each. It has to be unloaded using a 12 ton crane.

Perimeter wall rough stones 2 - These are the new stones, Jiva is standing there to show you, how big the rough blocks are. These are for the perimeter wall. We have started sizing them using the big gang saw.

Satsang and Pada Puja at Umamaheswaran's Home

Satsang and Pada Puja at Umamaheswaran's Home

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