Giant Hibiscus in Siva's Garden

Shanmuganathaswami found this blooming in Siva’s garden today.

Public Tour for July 13th, 2012

All those who come to Kauai Aadheenam for the public tour wait at the Puakenikeni Mandapam before the hosts come to open the gate at 9:00 am. Here they can read a beautiful pictorial history board that introduces them to our spiritual lineage, Gurudeva, Bodhinatha, the monks, Kadavul &s; Iraivan Temples, sacred temple gardens, publications, philisophical conclusions, frequently asked questions, Hindu Heritage Endowment, travel-study programs, free resources on Hinduism and much more!

Brahmachari Girish Chaitanya's Visit

Brahmachari Girish Chaitanya and other Chinmaya Misssion devotees had darshan with Bodhinatha before they left to return to the mainland after a week-long stay on kauai.

Hope to see you again soon Girirsh!

Darshan with Bodhinatha

A meeting with Sadasivanathaswami in the Ganapati Kulum

Taking a walk in our beautiful jungle gardens.

Brahmachari giving a lecture about an important part of Sri Rudram.

At the feet of the silent teacher. Brahmachari Girishji, Bodhinatha and Senthilnathaswami have worked closely together with the Hindu Students Association, teaching at their retreats in Texas the past few years. The ongoing alliance is helping bring much-needed and much-desired knowledge about Hinduism to Hindu college students at participating universities in the Southwest region.

Joining in at the Ganapati Kulum's morning meeting, Girish had a chance to see how the kulum coordinates their work.

Little Lizard

This little chameleon lizard says "Who Are You? Enna Yar!"

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