Saivite Summer Camp in Irvine California

A two day Saivite Summer camp was held in Irvine, California on june, 9th and 10th. Seventeen children of all ages attended this two day camp which was conducted by Rishi Thondunathan. Events included classes, Hatha Yoga, group meditation, games and field trips. For the field trip, the group visited the Hindu Temple of Irvine, California.

This year the children enjoyed playing the Deva Track playing card and Iraivan Puzzle produced by the Himalayan Academy.

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Visits to the Monastery

Padapuja in Edmonton

On July 1, Bodhinatha left Kauai to participate in the Mahakumbhabhishekam of the Edmonton Maha Ganapathy Temple in Canada. However, upon arrival in Edmonton, the first event was his visit to the home of Kulapati Aran Veylan, a longtime sishya of Gurudeva and Bodhinatha. Aran and his son, Devasiva performed a beautiful pada puja, and afterwards, Bodhinatha showed several PowerPoint presentations.

Bodhinatha arrives at the Edmonton Temple

Mahakumbabhishekam is a magical and special time for a temple. With a special skill and power that only they know and understand, the priests remove the power from the Dieties of the temple and transfer it to special sanctified brass pots. What has been a vibrant and powerful, almost living, entity, now becomes an empty hall. This is the only time that all the devotees are allowed inside the sanctums to touch and oil the Dieties.

Soon after Bodhinatha arrived at the Maha Ganapathy Temple in Edmonton, he was escorted around the temple to oil each of the dieties. Thanks to Sutha Suthakar for these professional pictures of Bodhinatha's first day.

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