Brahmachari Jaya Becomes a Supplicant

Today Brahmachari Jaya took his supplicant pledge. This stage indicates that he is no longer "aspiring" to be a monk but has made a firm and clear decision to follow the monastic path, having settled his affairs in the world. As a supplicant he pledges to continue his spiritual work and is now in a state of "begging" or supplicating the order to be accepted as a full postulant Sadhaka.

Martin joined our morning meeting again today

He shared some of his insights into the seductiveness of the garden as feminine energy, contrasting with the radiant energy of a temple with its more masculine presence. He and Sadasivanatha spent four hours exploring the sacred gardens. They are working on future design plans for the landscaping. In the photo below he poses with Ganesha in the Rudraksha Forest. 

September Public Tours on the 19th and 26th

This month brought some beautiful souls to the Aadheenam. One of our Hawaiian looking locals remarked to Amala. " I have lived on this island all my life and and can't believe I have been unknowingly living so close to this astounding place!"

A beautiful insight into the garden

Title: A beautiful insight into the garden

Today over breakfast Martin gave us some wisdom regarding a garden's function. He says that a garden occupies all your senses. You'll see elegant flower you had not seen the previous day, while also experiencing the fragrance of the sorrounding plants and earth along with the gentle breeze and the sounds of birds. All this destracts the talkative mind from thinking and telling its endless story, allowing one to be themselves, peaceful and whole.

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