The Guru Chronicles

Today we received a sweet endorsement of The Guru Chronicles which we thought all would enjoy.

Thank you all for the wonderfully written Guru Chronicles. I confess, I started by reading the last chapters first! The photographs were a delight. I feel so privileged to have known and studied with such a special Being of Light. Reading about the early years of Gurudeva's work in America was so enlightening.
I met Gurudeva in 1972. I now realize that the foundation he was building went far deeper than I realized at the time. How fortunate I feel to have been in the right place at the right time-to meet him in Hawaii and be a small part of the unfolding of his mission.
The stories about the line of gurus were familiar to me, as we had studied them in the form of "Soldiers Within" (I think it was called) in the 80s. The way they are presented in the Guru Chronicles brings them to life. As I was reading, I felt transported back to those magical times.
I am awed by the writing, art, photos and loving attention to details in the Guru Chronicles. I appreciate the many hours (years) of research and effort that went into producing this wonderful book. 

To all the monks, thank you, again.  

Savitri Kumaran
 Kapaa, Hawaii
January 2013

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  1. adi sankara peruman says:


    I am also reading….its a real treasure indeed for us….Thanks to all the swamis….aum

  2. Sarasvathi Iswarapatham says:

    Jai Gurudeva! I thank God I met You & Satguru Bodhinatha. I became more peaceful & knew all that happened & happens in my life is my own karma. Thank you, it is a joy, a blessing indeed.

  3. Shankarananda Guin says:

    This is my most Treasured Book from Himalayan Academy. My Mother and myself have experienced much fortune from Gurudeva’s Benevolent Soul. Thank you for publishing this wonder.

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  11. Toshadevi Nataraja says:

    Thanks for this beautiful testimony. This is such a special book. I too read it out of the normal order and re read it as well. I know that I will read it again. It made me laugh and cry. Last year at Pancha Ganapati time we read stories from it as part of the culture night. Thank you again Dear Swamis and Dear Guruji who live on the work of Our Noble Gurudeva. We are so grateful. Aum Aum

  12. Jegadessa Chenganna says:

    What a Masterpiece this book is!. Very inspiring, uplifting and gratifying book which one can read,read and re-read and feel the Guru Parampara. Thank you so much Gurudeva ,Satguru Bodinatha and All Swamis for offering such treasure. Aum Namasivaya

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