A Message from the Editors

The monks of Kauai’s Hindu Monastery have spent a lifetime crafting the tools and books, art and literature that convey the profundity of the Sanatana Dharma. Our magazine has reached into the White House, into virtually every major Hindu institution in the world. The resources produced by the monks have touched hundreds of thousands of people, from school kids learning Hindu history to Rotary Clubs seeking to understand their new neighbors.

In recent times our resource-building efforts have shifted toward the web, following the fast-evolving world of communications and publishing. Anyone who has marshaled such an information legacy knows that creating and sharing an articulate and graphically elegant repository of Hinduism is neither easy nor without costs. But we were set on this course by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, and we cannot, and will not, fail to fulfill his vision. We are driven forward by the knowledge that there has never been a greater need. Hindu youth are learning their spiritual ABCs online, and millions of seekers are discovering Hinduism digitally. What they encounter should be sensible, lucid, elegant and thoughtful. That’s what our annual fundraising campaign is all about. It’s a chance for you to help us to help explain and share Hinduism globally.

Those of us who create free content know the challenges. And one of the challenges, often the greatest, is funding. Most activities at Kauai’s Hindu Monastery operate on a donation basis, and when we need money for a project, we raise funds for it. We are strict in the usage of those funds; contributions are only used for the projects for which they are given.

For many years, we have operated under the guiding principle that our many Hindu resources will all be available digitally for free. Yes, we could charge for them, but many who might find them inspiring or needed would simply not pay. But free to the world is not free to us. We have significant costs in running some of Hinduism’s leading websites. Plus we want to keep our digital tools sharp and grow our toolbox. We want to engage professionals who know more than we ever will to move us forward in the rapidly advancing field of digital technology. These goals all come with a price tag. It’s a modest one, but it is real.

In order to provide it all without charging for downloads, without showing advertisements on our sites, without commercializing our mission, we turn to you for help.

In 2010 we received $60,000 and last year we received $65,000. The goal for this year is $70,000. Our two-month-long Digital Dharma Drive ends on January 31. We hope you will join in helping us meet our goal. In the right hands, and leveraged by the unsalaried work of the monks, these funds will have a profound impact on the future of Hinduism around the world. Please make a donation today to keep our sites strong well into 2013.

Warm greetings this holiday season,

The Editors
Kauai’s Hindu Monastery
Himalayan Academy Publications

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  1. kumar ntarajan says:

    Just getting it out of my system. Hard to beleive that donations are not way over the goal.

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