Wood carving

Over the retreat several of the monks spent some time in the wood shop working on individual projects. Here Sadhhaka Jayanatha has hand carved a natural base for a crystal lingam. In the background Nirvani Nilakanthanatha is on the lathe turning a wooden bowl from our own harvested tree.

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  1. Amma Anne says:


  2. Dr Subash says:

    Dear Sadhhaka Jayanatha,
    Great work, recently i got raw crystals near a river bed and as we know it is a composition of five elements and some believe crystals breath once in 100 yrs.
    my problem is i considering crystals are living substance, i could not cleanse the raw crystals exposing to acid, chemicals or scrubbing
    kindly advice me if possible in this regards after having a discussion in your academy about any natural ways to clean or worship as raw form as we got from mother earth.
    Thanks and Regards

  3. admin says:

    Aum Sivaya Dr Subash,

    Our bodies are living, sacred substances and yet we still scrub them when we bathe. Cleaning and purifying crystals is no different, except for the fact that they have much stronger bodies, so to speak. Soap and a scrub-brush should work fine.

    Quartz crystals are very strong and you can clean them quite aggressively, both by mechanical and chemical means (not hydrofluoric acid though). You can use a stiff brush and most regular cleaning chemicals. In addition you can put them in almost any strong acid without any effect on the quartz crystal itself. You can even use steel or aluminum bristle brushes, because quartz is harder than these metals. You may have some of the metal rub off on the quartz crystals, which you may have to clean off. If you have another type of crystal a more mild approach might be needed.

  4. Dr Subash says:

    Thanks for the kind words with finest heart struck example and information about cleansing crystals
    sivaya namah
    Dr Subash, Tirupati ,Gudimallam (India)

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