Long Time Kauai Neighbours Finally Visit Aadheenam

Hideo Tanaka established Hideo Plumbing and Sheetmetal Inc on Kauai in the earlier 1900's. He worked from his home in Kapaa, literally a stone's throw from Kauai Aadheenam, just down the hill. Through the years he and his son Bryan (pictured here) established a reputation for excellent work and customer service. The monks have been doing business with him since 1976 when we had Mr. Hideo Tanaka make a lot of custom plumbing parts for our honey extraction and bottling operations in the days when we kept honey bees. Hideo has gone to the spirit world but his son Bryan carried the business forward. Recently we have been having his team prepare a lot of copper flashing work for the renovation of the Manga Mandapam and Ganapati Kulam Media Studio renovation. We invited him and his wife Tanya to come for a visit and a tour. It was their first time visiting the monastery and Iraivan temple.

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