From Gurudeva’s Teachings

We offer today a few choice quotes from our dear Gurudeva, who guides us now through Bodhinatha and the parampara. Let us ever cling to his feet, follow his orders, bathe in his love, discover the Self he taught us to pursue.

"Those who know wisdom's ways have overcome the 'I'm getting old' syndrome, a mantra no one should ever repeat, even once."

"The whole world can be changed by a glance." Yogaswami said that to me.

"Wealth grows slowly like the building up of a mountain, but dissipates quickly like the melting of a mountain of snow."

We were looking at his hands, and he noted one thumb nail was a little dented and remembered as a boy he caught it in a car door!

From 1997: "The hand that slaps a child starts the war." Said while reading his old inspired talk The Hand that Rocks the Cradle Rules the World.

"Do not get so involved in your daily work that you forget the inside. 
When you forget the inside, instinctive emotions start to well 
up such as frustration and worry. You worry about time. As 
you go through the day, always be listening for the inner voice. 
It does not talk to you as I am, but comes as a deep knowing 
like a breath of air--you just know the best solution to a 
question of the external mind, you just know what to do next. 
By doing this, your day will be much smoother. Your work will 
be more efficient and creative. Think about this today."

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    Thank you very much for the lovely pictures. I’m very happy to see my old photo with Gurudeva.

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