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Work continues this phase on the new entrance to the publications building, known now as the Media Studio (yes, we outgrew our old name, Press Shop). The entrance will be on the East side now, and begin with a covered portico held by eight massive redwood posts, trimmed with copper. Two 24-foot-long beams sit atop this, and these were just installed.

To make beams that long required a special piece of timber joinery, see the seventh photo in the slideshow. It's a traditional joint seldom seen these days. And it comes with an impressive name:

Stop-splayed skarf joint with under-squinted square butts and tapered traverse keys.

The French call it the "trait de jupiter" scarf joint

When you drive the pair of wedges (tapered traverse keys) in, they cinch the two beams together and hold them tightly.

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    Jai Ganesha!
    appreciating info. and the ‘trait de jupiter’ tidbit!
    Hana hou! me ke aloha, Leonora

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