Swamis Perform an iDevice-Only Travel Experiment, Episode 1

“Swami, I have a crazy idea.” That’s what one editor said to his traveling companion the day before departure. We never thought it possible: a mission through Europe the length of time it takes the moon to make a full circle around the Earth, without a computer. Actually, it had never even been considered before. Does not a diligent monk need to bring the MacBook Pro, of which he is steward, on such a long and activity-filled voyage in order to properly and dutifully keep current with his multitudinous responsibilities, not to mention manage the trip’s many complex logistics, communications and outcomes? Apparently not. After careful analysis and with a nod of support from his trustworthy travel partner, this editor decided to drop 2.56 kg from his luggage and go with just an iPhone and an iPad mini (not even a full-size iPad). It would be a brave move, for sure—pushing the limits of what is possible in today’s high-tech world of ubiquitous Internet and small-device, cloud-based digital living. So, onto the shelf went the behemoth MacBook Pro and into the satchel went the two little iDevices. And here he is being followed by a moonshadow on a bus on the way to the inaugural dinner of the World Yoga Day festivities in Lisbon, Portugal, writing the very blog post you have just finished reading. Aum Namah Sivaya, e obrigado pela leitura!


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    Swamis Perform iDevice-only Travel Experiment in Europe, Part 1 http://t.co/gT77qrCc9v

  2. Today at Kauai's Hindu Monastery says:

    […] Swamis Perform iDevice-only Travel Experiment in Europe, Part 1 himalayanacademy.com/blog/taka/2013… […]

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