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Rajesh Bali and his wife Sanjana visited Kauai for the first time from Edmonton, Canada. They run the Shiv Shakti Mandir in Edmonton for the Fijian community. They have known us for many years and organized a visit by Satguru Bodhinatha to their temple when he came for an event at the Mahaganapati Temple nearby. Here is a note from Rajesh Following their visit:

Thank you so much for showing us around the temple, it is so beautiful, I am glad we made it. My children were on Oahu and they will come to the temple next time we are around. The walk around the temple had great impact on both of us and thanks again for taking the time, all the discussions we had during our walk around were very informative and I am thinking through and trying to reason out a lot that is going on in our lives. I now realize the sacrifice the monks make for the betterment of the society, may Shiva's grace be with you. We take a lot of things for granted and complain about small mishaps that we face, it is nothing in comparison to the sacrifice made by the monks. This two day trip has definitely opened up my eyes to the reality, I am so thankful to all the swami's and Satguru's of our beautiful temple. As soon as I got to the hotel, I started writing my personal journey of being a Hindu and what profound impact the monks of Kauai Shiva temple had in our lives. The walk around the temple is something that will remain active in my heart forever. I think I have a better understanding of my purpose in life, thank you for sharing some of the thoughts. I will make it a point to try and visit the temple as many times as possible and for sure be there for the official opening. Please convey my pranaam to all the swami's and his holiness Satguru Bodhinataha when he gets back to the temple.

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