Twitter Update: Today is Maadu Pongal. This evening we did gopuja…

Today is Maadu Pongal. This evening we did gopuja with our cows. Stay tuned!

Satguru Bodhinatha's January Trip

Vancouver, Canada– Satguru Bodhinatha attends morning kumbhabhishekam ceremonies of Sri Ganesh Temple on January 21-23.
He also gives a guest lecture at evening gathering of Jeffrey Armstrong’s Vedic Academy of Science and Arts, 7–9:30pm. Tickets are available via their website.

Twitter Update: We are working on getting Google to update their i…

We are working on getting Google to update their index of our website. In the coming week, you should see improved, up-to-date results.

Satguru Bodhinatha Landscaping Video Interview

Martin Mosko and his wife Alxe are on island for 12 days to make a scale model of a portion of the garden right around Iraivan Temple. Alxe is a filmmaker and plans to document the entire project. Here she interviews Bodhinatha about his perspective on the sacred garden project.

Mauritius January Homa

Click here for photos of January Ganesha homa at Spiritual Park

Visitors from Maryland

Maryland Murugan Temple Board Chairman Dr. Guruswamy, wife Muthukannu and daughter Lakshmi visited for the first time after many years of knowing us. Bodhinatha has been attending the Nallur festival at their temple for many years.

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