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Manickam Senthivel family is hosting Satguru Bodhinatha as usual. Manickam shared some information about our late Gurudeva's involvement:"When Gurudeva visited Vancouver in the year 2000, we met Gurudeva at the Airport and later at the hotel Gurudeva stayed for Blessings. At that time Sri Ganesh Maha Sapai was only 2 months old. It started out with a picture of Lord Ganesh and with a few devotees. Mostly we took this picture to devotees homes and conducting payans. The next day after Gurudeva left Vancouver, I travelled to Kauai for Guru Purnima celebration in 2000 (My first time to Kauai). With the blessings of our beloved Gurudeva a small Murthi was given, and advised by Gurudeva to have the murthy in devotees' house in turn and perform pooja. Gurudeva also mentioned the temple will be built within 15 years. That's now happened. I am very proud that I carried Lord Ganesha's Moorthy to Vancouver from Kauai. Dr. Thillai and his wife Dr. Sakthi worked very hard with other devotees to have this new temple today in Vancouver."

First Visit to the Aadheenam

Anil Badhwar is a Saiva Siddhanta Church sishya living in Norway. His niece Ingvild visited today for the first time with her husband David and friend Triana, who lives in north shore of Kauai and showed them around the island.

The Bangalore worksite hosts a guest swami

Recently, Somnath Swami visited the Bangalore worksite. He is one of the senior most monks of Sri Adichunchanagiri Mutt. Swami was overwhelmed with the work being done and inspected every corner of the worksite.

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