Toronto Satsang

From Sadasivanathaswami's and Senthilnathaswami's recent travels:

On our final night in Canada, we were invited to the Sivathondan Nilayam for a long and delightful satsang with the devotees of Paramaguru Yogaswami. After a traditional greeting at the door, we entered the hall where some 80 good souls had congregated. Gurudeva would have been so proud to see them all dressed traditionally and singing so beautifully. After prostrating to Yogaswami's statue, we took our seats and told stories. I brought two young ones forward, a boy and girl, in their early teens, and told them we would have a quiz on one of the stories (the one about the mango farmer and the harvard MBA). They were so attentive, and answered my question about the moral of the story with great maturity. Only later were we told they are brother and sister!

My talk was fully translated and after a Q & A session we had a few moments with each and every one present as they came forward for vibuthi. A final arati was followed by a light dinner. Our first iddiappam and sodhi in a long time!

We drove the hour back to our room enlivened by our days in the Great White North, as Canada is known. Up before dawn for our flights to Arizona.

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