October 20th Homa

This morning the monks began their new phase. The homa held at Kaduval temple is always an uplifting delight, and today was no different. Satguru Bodhinatha burned the prayers to the devas and afterwards gave a wonderful upadesha about the unfoldment, perfection and equality of all souls. An understanding which helps us to lift ourselves from a consciousness of lowering other so that we may stand higher, to one of improving ourselves instead.

Early Morning Moon

This morning we caught a beautiful view of the moon as it was setting over the mountain, the golden sun rising behind us.

Public Tour Day

Recently it was the monastery's tour day. A group of a hundred tourists, pilgrims and sight seers got a chance to walk the Aadheenam's garden paths and see Iraivan temple. Deva Seyon gave a wonderful tour as he so often does. He explained the history of the monastery and answered the many good questions that were asked by our guests.

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