It's Scribe Day on Kauai

Scribe Day? Yes, this is the day each quarter when our cenobitic editors have to submit their articles for the magazine. Then we have four working days to make our final edits and color corrections and such before Scroll Day. Scroll Day is when the PDFs go off to our printer in Minnesota. Get it? Scribe is the writer and scroll is the printer. Gurudeva never like the word deadline, so we have positive names that won't keep a monk awake at night if he is behind schedule.

After it's all off to the printer, we go to work and repurpose the files for our website, and then send the PDFs to India to be ePubed, then send another set to Delhi for the India Edition, then send Pub Desk to seven translators for porting to other languages, then.... you get the idea.

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