2013 Gurudeva Mahasamadhi Day 2

"Life is meant to be lived joyously. There is in much of the world the belief that life is a burden, a feeling of penitence, that it is good to suffer, good for the soul. In fact, spiritual life is not that way at all." Gurudeva

Day two of the Aadheenam's Gurudeva Mahasamadhi Celebrations began with a short early-morning pada puja performed by Sadhaka Mayuranatha and Sadhaka Jayanatha. Following the puja was a silent meditation.

After Breakfast, the group of pilgrims gathered in the courtyard for a Santsang with Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami. He gave a short talk and then told some wonderful stories about Gurudeva. He then played a video, taken during Gurudeva's 70th birthday on an Alaskan cruise ship. In the Video Gurudeva described his first meeting with Yogaswami. Paramacharya ended the class with a discussion about the importance of the guru.

Pilgrims continued their full day with lunch followed by a grand paduka parade out to the Swayambhu Lingam. Gurudeva's tiruvadi were placed on a palanquin and paraded through the property to several key points where worship was performed and individual groups of pilgrims had a their chance to receive prasadam. The first stop was Umbrella Ganesha, the second was Iraivan Temple, followed by Dakshinamurti, then Muruga Hill, and finally the Swayambhu Lingam. Afterwards everyone returned to Kaduval temple and then left for the evening, to return the next day for our first homa in our newly created yagasala.

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