The Media Studio's Rapid Progress

With all the help the monastery is getting from task forcers, karma yogis and other helpers, the media studio is progressing well. The ceiling has been nearly completed, awaiting the installation of its final three coffers. The Second layer of stucco is going up on the building's exterior, the attic's insulation is nearly done, the entry way is being tiled and the cove moulding is being milled. In tomorrow's post you'll see the expert team who will have begun the finish electrical. Just in time for Ardra, these are all big steps that have come together all at once. Their completion will bring the Ganapati Kulam that much closer to moving in, and once again, putting all of their time and energy into their web and publications work.

Recent Guests

Today we had a visit from a recently married couple, Logan and Luckshmi and their family. Luckshmi is the niece of Dr. Shun and Tilaka Sunder from Lancaster, CA, who are long time devotees and supporters of the Aadheenam. They wanted to come to Kauai and receive Lord Siva's blessing the moment their wedding ceremony was complete.  Paramacharya Sivanathaswami did a special blessing for the new couple in Kadavul. Standing behind them from left: Mr. Kanagaratnam and Mrs. Revati Sivalingam, Luckshmi's parents and sister Tulasi. Standing on the right, Mr. Subramaniam and Mrs. Malathy  Nirmalananda, Logan's parents. 

Silver Vel Satsang

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