Girish Samugan Arrives, a Milestone after 24 years!

Girish Samugan, from Singapore has known Gurudeva since he was just a small child. Originally his parents hoped he would become a monk. Of course one never knows what the prarabda karmas will be until someone grows up and makes their own choices. As young boy, Girish went to India with a number of other young men to stay at Kailas Ashram as part of their earlier training toward possible future monastic life, if that were to be their choice. Sadhaka Tejadevanatha was their chaperone at that time in India.

Girish came to Kauai Aadheenam with his parents on pilgrimage several times through the years and the idea of monastic life as his life choice began to gel in his mind. But getting a visa for a young man in Asia to come to America is challenging, and his father also wanted him to finish his education. And then, once you come of age in Singapore you are bound by law to serve in the military for two years. So one obstacle after another came up. During those years, Girish became educated as a sound engineer, worked in the Singapore Police force, and even started his own business providing event/presentation services for people want to put on a show. He and his team would set up the hall, install audio-video screens etc.

But he kept his eyes on the path all along and last year finally was able to see a way through after finishing is military service to come to Kauai. The immigration and visa process was a daunting gauntlet, but finally he made it yesterday to Kauai.

Congratulations to Girish for staying focused all these years on the end game of life! One advantage for the monastery is that he arrives as a fully competent highly trained, disciplined soldier of the within!

32 Responses to “Girish Samugan Arrives, a Milestone after 24 years!”

  1. Greg Rogers says:

    Very inspiring

  2. Purany Ponniah says:

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  3. Padma Patel says:

    Jai Gurudeva, I am sure He is smiling from His world of love and light! Welcome Girish Samugan!

  4. Vick Nes says:

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  5. Anusha Katir says:

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  6. Padma Patel says:

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  7. GAYATRI RAJAN says:

    Congratulations, Girish,
    And welcome to the next beautiful phase of your life.
    You have certainly proven yourself worthy!

  8. Niraj Aum Namah Shivaya says:

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  9. Amisha Patel says:

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  10. V.Balu Devado says:

    I will be what I will to be ….proud of you Girish …..and proud of your parents tooo ..proof of .our Gurus always there for us

  11. Suhashini Silvarajoo says:

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  12. Amma Vicki says:

    I remember meeting Girish many years ago when he was a young boy. How wonderful that he has found his way “home.”

  13. Ramesh Sivanatrhan says:

    One Buddhist monk said : one of the sign of a monk to be would be long earlobe below the nose level. He clearly has that. Congratulations Girish Samugan.

  14. Victoria Hamilton says:

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  15. Mani Visakan says:

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  16. Sandi O'Shaughnessy says:


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  18. Leonora Orr says:

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  19. Sandi O'Shaughnessy says:

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  20. Rishi Markandeya Nageshwar says:

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  21. Usha Katir says:

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  22. Kuppusamy Venkatesan says:

    Welcome Back to Kauai Girish. God Bless.

  23. Sarasvathi Iswarapatham says:

    Congratulations to both Girish & his Parents.

  24. Siva Jothiswari Selvanathan says:

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  25. Anna Morano says:

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  26. Kaivalya Sarasvati says:

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  27. Danalutchmee Putchay says:

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  28. Thanam Joseph says:

    Congratulations to the young Singaporean Girish who never
    deviated from his calling all these years.

  29. arni narendran says:

    May the young and determined Singoporean join the ranks of the dedicated monks at Kauai. Another compatriot from Singapore has become the first Asian Bishop at the Anglican church in Bolivia,while a third Singoporean is the spouse of the American Theosophical Society president -Bro Tim Boyd of Wheaton Illinois HQ- serving the Theosophical cause through her family.
    Singapores spiritual contribution to the world. All the three incidentally are of Singoporean Tamil origin.

  30. Omana Raman says:

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  31. Даша Сура says:

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  32. Tharmar Ganesh says:

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