A Big Bloom

In our garden today. Solandra maxima also know as the Cup of Gold vine, with flowers up to six inches in diameter. Flowering for the first time!

11 Responses to “A Big Bloom”

  1. Danalutchmee Putchay says:

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  2. Sandi O'Shaughnessy says:

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  3. Thillaiampalam Sivayogapathy, Toronto. says:

    Jai Pancha Muha ganapathy! ( Sri Ganapathy with Five faces)!

    Aum Siva! Siva!

    “VAASA MALAR ELLAM AANAI NEEYE” !——Saiva Thevaram.
    (Lord Siva emerges from ALL FLOWERS, with Good Fragrant Smell!).
    We daily observe that, ALL fresh Flowers Offered for Daily
    Pujas , at the Kadavul Temple, are of Natural attraction, with
    Spiritual Vibration, which creates a fine environment, for real
    BHAKTHI, during prayers.
    Aum Shanthi!

  4. SivaSiva Arc says:

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  5. Niraj Aum Namah Shivaya says:

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  6. Ram Kodialbail says:

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  7. Rishi Markandeya Nageshwar says:

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  8. Kartik Kumaran says:

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  9. Shyamadeva Dandapani says:

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  10. Renuka Nandini Thushyanthan says:

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  11. Kaivalya Sarasvati says:

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