Pancha Ganapati, Day Four

Ganesha was central to Gurudeva's life, from the day he met Him in a temple in Sri Lanka, to the day he prayed with Kandiah Chettiar at the little tree-Ganapati at Elephant Pass as he entered Jaffna for the first time in 1949 to the day he had a river vision of Ganesha that established our Spiritual Park in Mauritius.

On this penultimate festival day, we offer a little poem at the Feet of Pancha Ganapati, inviting Him into our lives to guide and inspire.

Single Tusker

Born of Siva to command the mind,
His manger deep within the cranial cave,
Ganesha reigns the heavens and mankind
With tender heart, with visage stern and grave.

This winter season called the Mass of Light,
This sacred season celebrating 'That,'
Was ancient when the Buddha saw man's plight
And older still when Mary Christ begat.

In the beginning 'twas Ganesha's time
For He is time itself, existing now.
That rotund, bright-eyed saint of northern clime,
Bedecked in red and green with hoary brow,
He is Ganesha, giver of all wealth.

Aum, may He grant you grace, contentment, health.

Kauai Hula Dancers Visit

Yesterday a hula halau of eight dancers dressed in traditional costume, lead by Kuulei, received permission to perform their ancient dance and chant near the Nani Kauai pond and falls. The chant is an ancient one in their culture, and they clearly took great joy in this offering, a rare one indeed. Thank you, all, for bringing this cultural richness to the aadheenam. In olden days, aadheenams were the cultural repository for Saiva communities.

Mauritius Classes Celebrate Pancha Ganapati

Click here for many more photos and description of our Saivite Hindu Religion class groups celebrating Pancha Ganapati at our Spiritual Park

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