Gurudeva Padapuja and Dikshas

Last night during the chitra nakshatra, monks and members gathered in Kadavul Temple to exchange their blessings with Gurudeva. Sadhaka Mayuranatha and Sadhaka Jayanatha performed a tranquil padapuja, culminating in waves of shakti from Gurudeva and the inner worlds.

Directly following the puja, Satguru Bodhinatha gave diksha to two devotees from Australia. Thamilmani Visakan took samaya (mantra) diksha and Sornavanita Sutherman took vishesha diksha. Many blessings to them both as they continue on the path, deeper into their inherent divinity. Aum Namah Sivaya

Recent Pilgrims

A family reunion came for darshan with Satguru Bodhinatha and asked many wonderful questions about Tirumantiram, realizing the Self, the most important things for youth to focus on, and many others. Bodhinatha shared the 10-minute spiritual workout Publisher's Desk article with the youth, which appears in the current issue of Hinduism Today.

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