Lights, Coffers and Some Helping Hands

The lighting for the Media Studio is nearly complete. The coffer lights have been installed and as you can see they are quite extraordinary. The sample kolum, below, is a wonderful addition and gives you a taste of how the many uniquely-designs art pieces will look throughout the ceiling. The Studio's new, cutting-edge Lutron lighting system allows for remote access to the lighting via a computer or mobile device. And to top things off, Jnanideva has just arrived from Canada to help with construction. A good time to be on Kauai. Back home he was facing negative temperatures. He's currently helping in the creation of the trim which will go between the ceiling and walls.

Fixing the Cow barn Generator

Currently, the area where the cows are milked uses a small diesel generator for its occasional power needs, being far removed from the main buildings. Recently the generator was in need of repair, so Shanmuganathaswami and Sadhaka Mayuranatha worked hard to fix it. The two simultaneously set up a small workshop area next to the cow barn for any future repair needs.

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