A Poem from a Siva Bhaktar

O Gurudeva!
How good it is to see you again
in this your new form
Magical are the chosen hands that crafted
holy, pure
how blessed to hold you close!
Patiently you allowed
all the twists and turns
flames and burns
beatings many too!
Now you call us loud and clear
It is your vibrant voice we hear -

"Rise, rise, rise!
Come on over
to where Heaven meets Earth!
O! What I would do
for you to glimpse
so beauteous a place
for you to taste
true love, joy and grace!

I can see, though,
from the smile on your face
the song in your heart
the wet eye, the warm flower
how ready you are
to journey on
explore, uncover, realign
to what is true, what is real!

Come, come ... I wait
I am here for you
always was, always will be
just do your one bit and
I will do mine
maybe, even nine score and nine!
Resolve, rise, reclaim your right
the time now is for action
and soon will come a time
when you too can stand
seemingly frozen in metal or stone
when all you came to do this time around
is complete, perfect and whole!

Rise, rise, rise!
Come on over
to where Heaven meets Earth
where I stand quietly in wait
at Iraivan's Glorious Feet!"

Infinite love and eternal gratitude

Aum Namah Sivaya!

A Siva Bhaktar

Abundant Monastic Gardens

This month the monks have been bringing in piles of swiss chard and kale for the kitchen. All this beautiful food was grown by the monastics in the gardens.

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