Celebrating Yogaswami's Mahasamadhi

Today we celebrated Satguru Yogaswami and acknowledge the countless blessings he has given us, gifts which continue to this day. Jai Satguru Yogaswami!
"When you are pure, you live like water on a lotus leaf. Do what is necessary, what comes to you to do, then go on to the next order you receive, and then to the next that comes." -Yogaswami

He advised, "Boldly act when you receive orders from within. You need not wait until all details are in order. If you wait for everything to be worked out, you may miss your chance. Have faith and do the work that comes from within. Money will trail after you if you are responding to divine orders. Helpers will come. Everything will come. You have only to follow carefully that which comes from within."

"He made me to know my self, our Gurunathan.
On my head both feet he placed, our Gurunathan.
Father, mother, guru--he, our Gurunathan.
All the world he made me rule, our Gurunathan.
Previous karma he removed, our Gurunathan.
Even "the three" can't comprehend our Gurunathan.
He sees neither good nor bad, our Gurunathan.
As "I am He" he manifests, our Gurunathan."

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