First Delivery from the Quarry

Today a test run was made, bringing the first four of what will be hundreds of boulders from the Eleele Quarry to the temple site. We proved that the road is strong and the system does work. Even though these four boulders weigh about 25 tons all together, they are small compared to stones we hope to have. Designer Martin Mosco is hoping for 40 stones in the 20-25 ton range!

March Visitors to Kauai Aadheenam

Dr. K Sivakumar with wife Nimalka and children Yohan and Aari, visiting from Arizona. Sivakumar's father is visiting from Toronto, and uncle (seated) lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The uncle manages a business across the street from the hut Yogaswami lived in as a young man when he was working for the government in the irrigation project. The family got the Guru Chronicles book signed by Satguru today. In the second photo we have Varadhan family, originally from Kanchipuram area.

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