Monks Master the Art of Making Tempeh

Monks Master the Art of Making Tempeh

Sadhaka Rajanatha's has mastered the making of a popular fermented food. The fungi pre-digests the soy beans setting free the valuable protein amino acids and making the beans much more easily digested.

Mauritius Saivite Orientation Integrates Natchintanai

Click here for report and photos of Himalayan Academy Saivite Orientation session that integrated Satguru Yogaswami's Natchintanai songs.

Sharad and Smita Parikh from Missouri

Sharad and Smita Parikh visited our monastery for the first time from St. Louis, Missouri. They have actually visited Kauai before but didn't know we were here. Sharad heads the board of trustees for Hindu Temple of St. Louis, which Bodhinatha visited years ago. Today they specifically wanted to get Bodhinatha's knowledge and advice on temple project fundraising and how to get older youth more involved in their temple, as they are raising funds to build a cultural/educational wing.

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