April 2013 News Video

Our April 2013 new video covers event in March and April 2013 including: The Iraivan temple landscaping project and renovations to the monastery front entrance, including mango tree removal, banyan tree trimming, pool renovation and the newly constructed wall. This months video also includes our new task forcer Forrest Miller and our monastery’s vegetable and flower production.

A New Phase Begins

The monks begin this new phase with a homa, burning prayers to the devas. Afterwards Bodhinatha gave a talk about how to hold the perspective that you are your inner perfection and not your outer imperfections, by separating your awerness from that which it is aware of. He mentioned that one of the great things about Gurudeva's teachings is that they give practical ways to get there. Holding a daily vigil being one of them. Bodhinatha stressed the importance of holding a morning vigil, even if it is just 10 minutes long. He particularly mentioned youth, who often struggle to do so because of their busy lives.

Siva Pannai Blessing

Over the retreat the monastery held a blessing for the recently purchased Siva Pannai house and property, beginning with a puja performed by Natyam Nandinatha and followed by Bodhinatha's blessing of the house and land. Afterwards the monks had a chance to explore the new 19 acres.

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