Bodhinatha's current trip

Here are some photos of the first few days of visiting Minneapolis, Minnesota. Satguru Bodhinatha was invited by Drs. Shashikanth and Kumud Sane to be their guest for a weekend of special pujas at the Hindu Temple of Minnesota in the suburb of Maple Grove. This temple had most of its murtis vandalized around 2006 and the Sane couple visited Kauai for solace and to get advice from Bodhinatha. Subsequently the temple made a remarkable recovery which included forgiving and rehabilitating the miscreants.

Chola Niches

This afternoon two giant crates arrived from Pakistan. Inside are six Chola-style artifact niches (our name), destined for the new Media Studio. Designed by the monks, they were crafted by a team that works with a Singapore shishya, who also teamed up with another member to cover all the costs.

There are three sets of two in the shipment. In pairs they will adorn the walls of the Media Studio, used to display sacred artifacts. So, for instance, a marble Nandi might be on display for a month, then changed out with a bronze trisula or a wooden Ganesha. the studio will have four of these displays, making it, in part, a Saivite spiritual museum.

Also in the crate is a 14-foot-long case which will span the Eastern wall of the Cedar Room. In it are 1008 rosewood cubes. Each will hold a small black river lingam.

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