Satguru Bodhinatha Visits Windsor

After Minneapolis, Bodhinatha flew to Detroit, Michigan and then drove into Canada and across the river into the city of Windsor. Saiva Siddhanta Church sishya Tina Desai and her family live in Windsor and arranged the visit to the Hindu Mandir of Windsor whose full time head priest is Dr. Paresh Pandya. The Mandir is in a small old building and the community is raising funds to build a larger traditional building on land they've purchased.

June Chitra Puja

"Recognizing that all experience is but a fading dream, you are closer to the permanence within you that never changes. You can sense it. It is God. It is Siva. It has never changed. It will never change." -Gurudeva

This morning the monks gathered to celebrate this month's Chitra puja, invoking Gurudeva's blessings, love and guidance.
Jai Gurudeva! Aum Namah Sivaya!

Concluding Events in Minneapolis, June 15

Today was the second day of Laksha Siva Panchakshara Japam at Hindu Temple of Minnesota. After chanting Sri Rudram in front of the Siva shrine, we went outside the main entrance to a tent for performing Rudram Homa. We chanted Rudram again but in the Rudra Yagna style where you chant "Svahaa" after each verse. Then we all chanted Aum Namah Shivaya Svaha 1008 times. Everyone was given two cups, one filled with homa herbs. For each time chanting, we placed a little bit of the herbs in the empty cup and then at the end all these cups were collected and offered into the fire. It was happy, organized chaos.

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