Richard Gaskin Visits Kauai's Hindu Monastery

We had a recent visit from Richard Gaskin. Richard is a senior software developer in the LiveCode community, (see He is ever a gentleman, very generous with his help to others and full of intelligent insightful vision on strategies for moving forward.

We know we have plenty of IT people in our audience so here is a little story for you. It was Richard Gaskin in the late 1990's who encouraged Brahmanathswami to switch from Supercard (a later offspring of Apple's HyperCard) to Livecode. Since 1998 we have been using our own in-house developed LiveCode software to bring you TAKA every day. Even after we switched to Word Press, we still use our "Caption Writer" application to create the daily html/javascript slideshow posts. It would be impossible otherwise to do this on a daily basis in a timely way.

Since then we have used LiveCode (see / for various in-house media production applications. Our new Himalayan Academy web site is also built on the Linux server version of LiveCode. Sevaks do transcriptions using a LiveCode desktop application, and also help with our new web site with a desktop app that allows easy remote access to our media database on the web server. The Ganapati Kulam uses an in-house app built by Brahmanathswami for their InDesign publications document revision control. And we look forward to soon releasing our first mobile app, also built with LiveCode. Shanmuganathaswami is working on that one (stay tuned.) LiveCode just just raised over 1/2 Million dollars in Kickstarter campaign and is now open source, for those who may be interested.

Richard has been very supportive via our technical lists and forums. He just got married and was happy to come to Kauai for his honeymoon and finally meet Brahmanathswami in person and include a tour of the Iraivan with wife Tiffany who is behind the camera.

Media Studio Portico Ridge Beam Placed Today

After nearly a month of work beginning while Kulapati Deva Rajan was here, the ridge beam of the new media studio entry way portico was placed today. It is the culmination of a long process and things should move quickly now as all the parts for this crucial element have been milled and ready for installation.

Families on Pilgrimage

SSC sishyas Rajkumar, Ananda and Saroja Manickam have darshan with Bodhinatha and lunch with Sadasivanathaswami before heading back to Colorado.
SSC sishya Thushyanthan Amirthalingam and his wife Renuka, a student of our Master Course Supervised Study program, are on pilgrimage from Calgary, Alberta, Canada for a couple weeks. They'll be enjoying the island while also trying out various pilgrim sadhanas on our monastery grounds.

Twitter Update: We reached Venice en route to Northern Italy and o…

We reached Venice en route to Northern Italy and our next interviews about Hinduism in Europe. . BN1EcTzCEAEp2i9

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