Happy Guru Purnima!

Today we celebrate Guru Purnima, basking in the blessings of our beloved satguru. Thank you, Bodhinatha!
As our fluctuating lives ensnare us, move us and uplift us,
You, as the Self, remain constant and free.
The Ocean to which all our rivers flow, and the humble depths by which all of them are guided.

"Driven by the guru parampara, we will all reach Siva's feet. Guided by the guru parampara, we will unfold the secrets of the Vedas and Agamas. To be merely touched by the guru parampara, is to inherit the universe. Illumined by the guru parampara, our path will be joyous and our dharmic missions fulfilled."

An Excerpt From the Kularnava Tantra:
When the entire universe is looked on as pervaded by the Sivaguru, what mantra can fail to achieve its purpose for the sishya? When the Satguru is present, no tapas is necessary, neither by fasting nor observances, neither pilgrimage nor purificatory bath. What he speaks is as scripture. Feel one with your guru and not separate from him, and do good to all as your own. Whatever is beneficial to yourself, term that beneficial to him. Whether moving or standing, sleeping or waking, performing japa or making offerings, carry out only the injunctions of your guru with your inner being dwelling in him. As in the vicinity of fire, butter gets melted, so in the proximity of the holy Sivaguru all bad karmas dissolve. As lighted fire burns up all fuel, dry and moist, so the glance of the Sivaguru burns up in a moment the karmas of the sishya. As the heap of cotton blown up by a great storm scatters in all the ten directions, so the heap of negative karmas is blown away by the compassion of the Sivaguru. As darkness is destroyed at the very sight of the lamp, so is ignorance destroyed at the sight of the holy Sivaguru. I tell you now that there can be no Liberation without diksha, initiation. Nor can there be initiation without a preceptor. Hence the dharma, the sakti and the tradition come down the line of masters, called parampara. Without a Satguru all philosophy, knowledge and mantras are fruitless. Him alone the Gods praise who is the Satguru, keeping active what is handed down to him by tradition. Therefore, one should seek with all effort to obtain a preceptor of the unbroken tradition, born of Supreme Siva.

A Final Word About Traveling with an iPad mini

You're probably all wondering how the experiment turned out. What experiment? (Okay, perhaps just a few of you are wondering.) The experiment of traveling for a month in Europe with only an iPad mini and an iPhone. It worked remarkably well, so much so that this editor is finding himself still using the iPad for tasks that don't require a full-fledged computer, even when that computer is sitting nearby on the desk. Sometimes we have to take an extra moment to figure out just how to do something on the iPad that has become second nature on the computer. It's a fun exercise, and sometimes it requires a little exploration and innovation. As the saying goes about necessity... Admittedly, on occasion a new and unusual task for the iPad is a challenge to find a solution for—owing most of the time to this editor's lack of frequent experience using one of these devices—but it's pretty much always possible. This is really a testament to Apple's iOS. It is very simple and easy to use, yet highly functional—and it receives more functionality with every annual update. Not always leaps and bounds, but it inches its way toward being a platform that one can get anything done on. For many, it is already that. We met a retired couple in an airport for whom their iPad is their only device, and it does everything they need. Yes, our needs are at times more complex, but astonishingly not as often as we might have thought. Until the full Adobe Creative Suite is available for iOS, small devices can't do everything for us, such as lay out a magazine article. Desktop and laptop computers will probably always be required for the kind of sophisticated publications work the monastery engages in. And to process photos properly for blog slideshows while on the road we would likely need an iPad with more memory and a specialized app. There probably is such an app—still to be researched.
Still at use on the desktop at home, it seems

The rig: Still at use on the desktop at home, it seems

Twitter Update: Happy Satguru Purnima

Happy Satguru Purnima

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