A New Phase Begins

Today the monks begin their new phase. A sacred Homa is held in Kaduval temple and Satguru Bodhinatha gave an upadesha about the power behind a life which observes both inner worship and outer worship, reminding us that the temple is for our outer worship and that our meditation is reserved for our inner worship and the realization of our oneness with all.

The homa connects us with the inner worlds, through our worship and our prayers. Here is a section from Merging with Siva about this connection:
"There is a vast inner network of devonic helpers, ever working, never sleeping. They are nourished on the pranas of the most refined morsels of Siva consciousness. They never take time out even to eat a meal. There is a continuity of consciousness in the Devaloka that we do not experience in our earthly bodies. It is in the world of the Gods and their devas that the mass consciousness is guided through its evolution--the evolution of the maya of the constant, interlaced action of creation, preservation and dissolution. This mighty group of soldiers of the within, preceptors of dharma, lords of karma, is ever active, available and ready to serve those who seek. Sending prayers into the inner world through the sacred fire is simply a means of communicating with those powerful beings who do not possess a physical body. It is as simple as writing then mailing a letter, sending an e-mail or a fax. Through this means, you can even communicate with someone living in a physical body in a far-off place. They will receive your message from a dispatcher at night when they are out of the physical body during sleep and conscious on the astral plane. This is truly a magical way of reaching into the inner world and contacting friends and relatives asleep at night in a far-off place. You are also an inner soul and can be seen by the devas in their world. They see you in your soul body. Psychic persons living in physical bodies can often see the devas."

Nirvana Diksha

On the auspicious day of Guru Purnima, Sadhaka Tejadevanatha received his diksha as a Nirvana Sadhaka. After years of service and having completed his four sojourns in the world, he received his mala of large rudraksha beads. Bodhinatha then signed his vow book and blessed him in his new life as Nirvani Tejadevanatha. Aum Namah Sivaya

Recent Visitors

Prabhakar and Sundara Kulkarni's daughter Anita got married yesterday to Arun Agarwal at the Hyatt hotel in Poipu, and the wedding party came up this morning to attend Siva puja, get blessings from Satguru Bodhinatha and see the grounds

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