Gurudeva Portrait

When Zsolt Miklos Kovacs traveled for several hours to meet our peripatetic swamis in Italy last month, he brought this amazing portrait of Gurudeva as a gift, made with acrylics and pencil. Gurudeva's teachings mean a lot to him and it shows in this work which captures something special of our dear Gurudeva. Zsolt calls the work "Homage." It's so accurate, we thought some may want to print it out, so you can click on the full-screen button in the bottom-right for a higher-resolution version. Or click here for an even higher resolution version

Recent Pilgrims

This series of photos includes two families. The first family is Naveen and Sheela Raj with daughter Shivali and triplet sons Sachin, Sameer and Shulin. They are making their first visit from southern California. Naveen used to visit our Palaniswami temple in San Francisco way back.

The second family is Parameshwaran and Priya Gopi with their daughter Kaanchana and son Shankaran plus Priya's parents. They are all repeating pilgrims from the San Francisco area.

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