Our swamis had wonderful discussions with Muniji today in Toronto on
the final evening of the 2013 HMEC conference.

Google Tech Talk

A Report from Sadasivanathaswami in California:

Senthilnathaswami and I drove to Mountain View on Wednesday to accept Rolf Schreiber's long-standing invitation to give a Google Tech Talk at their headquarters. Senthilnathaswami had prepared a delightful survey of the monastery's tech and sustainability initiatives, complete with historic photos. Twenty-two attended, including our members, for the hour-long talk and Q&A. Swami and I toggled the narration as we went through the early history of our publishing and typography, the Apple video on our first-ever publishing network, our Macintosh evolution (Gurudeva seated at his early Macs), lumber milling of Kauai trees, Himalayan Acres agricultural work, our veggie garden, iPhones and get the idea.

Then a not-planned afternoon visit to ARC in nearby Fremont. ARC is one of America's leading document management companies and its President and CEO, K. Suriyakumar, also a long-time admirer of the monastery's work, had made a generous offer when we visited his home, inviting the monastery to consider using his company's industrial-strength software, especially one called IShipDocs. Software that pushes Gurudeva's mission forward? Free? We accepted and were given a tutorial by their experts. It's a potent tool and when we return to Kauai we will begin implementing it. Such a great gift to make our work, well, work.

Today we fly off to Toronto for the HMEC conference.

September 21 Homa

Today the monks began their new phase with a homa. One of Hinduism's most ancient ritual practices, the homa creates an important connection between the three worlds. The Bhuloka, or Earth plane, the Devaloka , or astral plane, and the Sivaloka, the subtle heaven worlds. Through the sanctified fire we can feel the blessings of the Devas and Mahadevas and burn prayers which are received by beings on the the inner planes. Today Paramacharya Sivanathaswami burned the prayers in the fire as Yoginathaswami made offerings of ghee, flowers and rice. Afterwards, Sivanathaswami gave a talk, continuing his discussion of mantras with insights into bija mantras and their unique functions.

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