Siva's Moon Over Waialeale

Last night, just after sunset, a beautiful moon could be seen over the sacred Mount Waialeale, which was surprisingly clear for this time of evening.

Water is the body of the vital breath and that moon yonder is its luminous organ. And as far as the vital breath extends, so far extends water and so far extends the moon. These are all equal, all infinite. He who meditates upon them as finite wins a finite world, but he who meditates upon them as infinite wins an infinite world.
Ajur Veda, Brihadaranyaka Upanishad I, V-Manifestations of Prajapati, 13

Tour Day

Another group of visitors has a chance to see Iriavan Temple and the monastery's gardens. Here everyone poses in front of Dakshinamurti for a group photo.

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