Kanda Alahan Visits from California

Today Kanda Alahan arrived at the Aadheenam. He plans to attend Mahasivaratri and spend the remainder of his week here, working with the Ganapati Kulam on the Media Studio. Kanda lives in Concord and skillfully builds custom cabinets. Laid out before him are the shrines he has built for the Media Studio's entryway. They will be on either wall as one enters the building, and will house the Ganesha and the Gurudeva carvings which have been completed. These shrines were built out of African Mahogany.

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  1. Victoria Hamilton says:

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  3. Rudiren Carpanen Pillay says:

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  4. Tharmar Ganesh says:

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  5. Thillaiampalam Sivayogapathy, Toronto. says:

    Ganapathy Thunnai!
    Aum Namasivaya!
    Vanakkam to ALL!
    Sri Kanda Alahan(HANDSOME MURUGAN!) is performing the SIVATHONDU, along with MAHA SIVARATHIRI Observation! Great!

    In YOGASWAMI’s Words,” Sri Kanda Alahan is performing the actual SIVA PUJA, by performing his SIVATHONDU, at the Kauai
    Aadeenam”! Great! Aum Shanthi!

  6. Rukmani Sivayogapathy says:

    Vanakkam! Sivathiru Kanda Alahan! (HANDSOME MURUGAN!);Your Noble Service is GREAT Sir! In YOGASWAMI’s Words, “Sincere SIVA THONDU itself, is a GREAT SIVA PUJA” Aum Shanthi! Thillaiampalam Sivayogapathy, Toronto.(C/o. “Thillai Vasa”, Sangarathai, Vaddukoddai, Jaffna.)

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