Bengaluru: A Big Worksite Change

Jiva Rajasankara sent us photos today, along with a story about the worksite neighborhood. When we moved into the area in 1990 it was out in a desolate, almost desert-like area. There was a highway half a mile away, but little else.

But Bengaluru is growing, and apartments have been built right on the other side of our temple worksite walls. As happens, the new neighbors are unhappy with the noises from the equipment. To assuage their discomfort, our team is building an 18-foot-tall wall, for which the photos here show the supporting steel structure. Plus, they have planted a hedge of bamboo, not just any bamboo, but Bheema Bamboo, one of the fastest growing in the world. Within two years there will be a wall of bamboo to further muffle the noise. Big job for our team.

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