Today at Kauai Aadheenam

"God is with you all the time. There is no work to be done. Move in conformity with changes within your environment. Be steadfast in truth. Natural forces are countless. Be you, your own self, while at the same time recognizing all these. That is wisdom. We do not do anything. Everything happens of its own accord." Siva Yogaswami

Today is Sun Six, the last day of our phase, and the monks busy with their many daily tasks. In the temple, the bells are ringing for the 3pm Ganesha puja.

The Siddhidata kulam is doing their weekly office cleaning and changing out their plants which they do each week to keep their flora happy and healthy.

Today in the Lambodara Kulam office, Nirvani Harinanandinatha arranged for a pallet of organic dry goods (rice, lentils, etc) to be shipped from our health food wholesaler in California. Nirvani also made some arrangement for a few archanas to be done in Kadavul Temple over the next few days, and he started collecting news for the next monthly newsletter.

The Monastery is also gearing up for the re-roofing of a part of the main monastery buildings, which will create a nice new look, while matching the Media Studio's new roof.

Dasan here on the island, and he has spent the last few days helping the Ganapati Kulam in the Media Studio, preparing for the floor installation. While the installation has seen some delays, it now has an official installation date at the end of this month. Dasan is helping to make to floor spotlessly clean for the vinyl flooring.

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