May 8th Homa

This morning, the monks began their new phase after a two day retreat. It is a five day phase followed by a 3 day retreat. Today, Satguru Bodhinatha, Shanmuganathaswami and Siddhanathaswami left on a two week journey to the mainland for the Aloha Luncheon, and on Sun five we will celebrate our monthly Gurudeva padapuja in Kadavul Temple.

Following today's havana, Bodhinatha discussed yoga and meditation. He first defined yoga with Patanjali's second verse which states that yoga is to still the patterning of consciousness. Bodhinatha expressed that commonly the understanding of the restraint of thought, is that it is a forced process, when really it is a quieting which comes about through proper techniques such as correct posture and even breath.

Waves rise in the ocean; so waves of thought arise in the mind. Yoga is to control thoughts as they arise. Great ones say that Yoga means union. If you want to take hold of something, all the fingers must join together; similarly, in order to reach God, the mind must become one-pointed.
It is not a simple thing to control the mind. It cannot be done in a day, or even in a year. Through constant effort thoughts can be controlled a little. In this way the uncontrollable mind can finally be brought under control. This is the supreme victory.
Siva Yogaswami

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