Photos from Bodhinatha’s Trip to the Mainland

As many of us know, Satguru Bodhinatha, Sanmuganathaswami and Siddhanathaswami have been traveling. They have been making their way through California, Pennsylvania, New York and Chicago before flying West to Los Angeles and back home to Kauai.

In Milpitas, CA, they attended the Aloha Luncheon with friends and supporters of Kauai's Hindu Monastery at the Embassy Suites Hotel. Bodhinatha gave news of the monastery and Iraivan Temple and a talk with slideshows entitled  Our Three Kinds of Temples and A Ten-Minute Spiritual Workout. They then attended satsangs with local members. After that they flew to Pennsylvania and New York for more satsangs. The team also had time to stop and enjoy the natural beauty of both states. They just arrived in Chicago, and will be there for the next few days.

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