Hinduism Today July Issue – Rishikesh Feature Story

The online version of the July/August/September issue of Hinduism Today will go live in a day or so. Here is a sneak preview of the feature on Rishikesh. You may have heard about this fabled city on the banks of Mother Ganga but always wondered what went on there. Learn all about it in the July issue of Hinduism Today. You can also view the longer slideshow with captions by clicking here

One Response to “Hinduism Today July Issue – Rishikesh Feature Story”

  1. Ravichandran Ceyon says:

    Thanks a million to the editorial team and writers of Hinduism Today’s magazine for updating and publishing Hindu religious information and happenings around the world, covering every aspect of Sanathana Darma’s facets in such a brilliant clarity.

    The latest issue was superbly written on Saint Siva Yogaswami of Jaffna, Sri Lanka, His Holiness Satguru Sivaya Subraminiyaswami’s “Asan”in such moving narrative writings that it moved my tears so freely. I could feel as though the Saint was just sitting beside me while going through this piece of marvellous article. Thank You from bottom of my heart. Aum Sivaya.

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