Deity Parade at BAPS Temple in New Jersey

On Friday evening, our two swamis were given seats of honor along with the three of the organization's five Sadguru Swamis who were present at this grand temple inauguration. The Sadguru Swamis of the BAPS monastic order are the equivalent of our Paramacharyas, their most senior monks who have received guru diksha. Our younger swami in attendance was particularly humbled (read embarrassed) to be on the dais with them all.

The traditional parade of the murtis through the streets of the town prior to their installation in the new temple took place entirely on the 167-acre campus in Robbinsville Township, a chiefly rural, farming town just outside Princeton. The participants in the parade were in top form, and everyone enjoyed the entertainment and darshan.

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  1. mougam pareatumbee says:

    Aum namasivaya, many people who have not yet decided which sects of hinduism to follow or they belong , are often stranded in confusion with question without answers, to decide which God is supreme. SWAMIS AND SATGURU of different sects are at a much higher level ouof experience in spiritual life and for them The God is Energy and love , which many cannot see as one on the level of confusion.
    So Hindus around the world , lets learn from Swamis n Satgurus examples of working together wherever we belong and move loving Hinduism into the next generationws with love understanding for the kids n teenagers. Our duty is to give examples to the youths who are ch more ahead in understanding and communicating than we think. Confusions will end when we decide and select one sect of Hinduism , go deep within it and this will help anyone love and respect all other sects of Hinduism n be able to work
    together, Above article is example given by Swamis
    of two sects, we have no excuses not to follow and continue to criticise and complain and stay in our arena of confusion.lets wake up.aum namasivaya. Mougam.

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