Visiting The Monastery

Suriyakumar Kumarakulasingam has flown to Kauai for two days to be with the monks, join in today's Pada Puja for Gurudeva and see the progress of the monastery. He attended the Ganapati Kulam's morning meeting and this photo was taken right afterwards. It is Suriyakumar and his wife Rushika who are making Gurudeva's vision of a temple builders bronze memorial possible, and this was his first time to see and touch the sculptures that Holly Young is making and he is sponsoring. 
We learned he is flying to Honolulu tomorrow to be a guest of honor at the 100th Anniversary of a company that he acquired. Suriyakumar co-founded ARC Document Solutions in 1989 and since 2007 has served as its CEO and president. Under his leadership ARC has transformed the construction management industry and opened new fields of digital communication and information management for many industries, especially the building industry. You may remember his son, Seiyonne, was here a couple of weeks back. Welcome, Suriyakumar.

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