Landscape Architecture

This month, Martin and his landscaping apprentice Dante are here to move forward on the creation on Iriavan Temple's surrounding gardens. The two are here, not only to finalize the planning stages, but to start moving the earth itself. With the help of an excavator, a good deal of work has been done to sculpt the surrounding hillsides in preparation for the next step of placing the giant boulders, which will be followed in the future with preparations for plants.

Three Satgurus

The Iraivan containers which are on their way to Kauai are currently in Honolulu. Here is another small peak as to what's inside.

To see him, to adore him, to meditate on him, to touch him, to sing of him, to bear his holy feet on humbled head--they that render devotion to guru in diverse ways thus--they indeed walk the San Marga, that to liberation leads. Tirumantiram 1479

October 10th Homa

After three days of retreat, the monks began their new phase with yesterday's homa. Yoginathaswami conducted the sacred ritual, while Sivanathaswami burned the prayers and gave a delightful talk afterwards.

Mauritius October Ganesha homa

October's Ganesha homa at the Mauritius Spiritual Park is an annual event, held especially for students as they start the school year. This year it was conducted by four priests who had previously conducted the homa during our recent 2014 Mauritius Innersearch.

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