Setting up for Guru Jayanti

This afternoon, monks and devotees gathered to set up for tomorrow's celebration of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami's 72nd Jayanti. The guru peedam is being decorated in preparation for tomorrow's padapuja and the Sun Palace is being decorated for the monks evening dinner together with Bodhinatha.

There is no one greater in the three worlds than the guru. It is he who grants divine knowledge and should be worshiped with supreme devotion.
Atharva Veda, Yoga-Åšikha Upanishad

Entryway Vents

Today the two aluminum green vents arrived for the media studio's entryway. They sit on either side of the door for natural ventilation. A big thanks to Kanda Alahan for his work in fabricating these quarter inch pieces. The Indian tribal designs were etched with high-pressure water jets and then powder coated green

Celebrating Ardra Nakshatra

Today is this month's Ardra Nakshatra, a day when Siva's grace flows forth with great strength. Each month a beautiful abhishekam is held is Kadavul Temple. Monks pour, milk, yogurt, citrus juice, chandana, honey, vibuthi and rose water over Nataraja as Sri Rudram is chanted. The absorbed pranas are then released during the final arati, blessing those who are both physically and mentally present.

He is the God of forms infinite in whose glory all things are--smaller than the smallest atom, and yet the Creator of all, ever living in the mystery of His creation. In the vision of this God of love there is everlasting peace. He is the Lord of all who, hidden in the heart of things, watches over the world of time. The Gods and seers of Brahman are one with Him, and when a man knows Him, he cuts the bonds of death. Krishna Yajur Veda

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